Solitaire games with 4 rows of cards

There are various solitaire games played with four rows of cards in their layouts. In many cases, the rows form the tableau, effectively equivalent of columns in other games. In a few cases such as the Calculation Solitaire (see below), they may form the foundations.

"Castle" solitaire games

In a number of solitaire games, the cards are laid in such a way that they supposedly represent the "wings" of a castle. The typical layout for this type of game consists of four rows of cards, with each row consisting of a left and right "wing". The foundation piles are typically placed between the left and right wings, with one suit on each of the four rows.

A typical layout for this type of game is illustrated with the case of Beleaguered Castle Solitaire:

Layout of Castle Soliataire

The gameplay for this type of solitaire is effectively similar to a game with eight tableau columns. In Beleaguered Castle and similar variants, cards are moved between the "wings" of the four rows of cards one at a time, building in descending sequence of alternating colours. The strategy of such a game can be compared to Free Cell, but without the Free Cells, making for an extremely difficult game.

In the even more difficult Streets And Alleys solitaire variant, the aces are not initially placed on the foundations but must be freed up in the same way as subsequent cards.


In the solitaire game commonly referred to as Calculation, cards are played on to the foundations in a slightly unusual pattern (rather than simply ascending suit sequence as in games such as the popular Klondike solitaire). Therefore, it can help the player to remember which cards come next in the sequence if the foundations are laid out in rows rather than single piles as they are built up.

In the example below of a game of Calculation Solitaire mid flight, the three piles on the left are the reserve piles. The four "rows" of cards to the right are actually the foundations. As illustrated, each foundation pile is built up in a different sequence. Being able to see all cards serves as a hint to the player.

Layout for 3-pile Calculation Soliataire

Peek & Osmosis

The game of Osmosis Solitaire and its slightly easier cousin Peek Solitaire share some similarities with Calculation. They are often played with a layout arranged into 4 rows of cards.