Solitaire Whizz: News and Known Issues

This page lists known issues with the current version of Solitaire Whizz Compendium for iPad which are due to be fixed in the next release. It also includes a list of improvements and new features which are due to be added.

Solitaire Whizz released for macOS!

Solitaire Whizz is now available for macOS. So whether you're looking for Free Cell for macOS or want to try your hand at some of the less known varieties, all 32 games included in the iPad edition are now available for OS X.

Version 2.4 released 27 June 2017

This version adds Miss Milligan to the available games.

Version 2.3 released 25 April 2017

Version 2.2 released 24 January 2017

Version 2.1.0 released 22 September 2016

As well as a compatibility fix for iOS 10, this version features 4 new variants specifically aimed at Free Cell fans!

This makes Solitaire Whizz a comprehensive compendium for exploring the history of Free Cell on your iPad!

Version 2.0 released June 2016

This major update includes a completely revised graphics engine with improved visual effects.

Version 1.5 released 15 May 2014

Version 1.5 of Solitaire Whizz for iPad is now available. The update features the following:

The update also includes a few minor fixes and optimisations.

Pyramid 13 released in Spanish

4 December 2013 The latest version of Pyramid 13 Solitaire Free now includes Spanish translations of all in-game instructions and hints. The App Store description has also been translated into German and includes full instructions in German.

"Klondike Collection" released

25 October 2013 The aforepromised Klondike Solitaire Collection is now available in the App Store for the princely sum of zilch. Enjoy!

"Klondike Collection" App coming soon

18 October 2013 A new app, Klondike Solitaire Collection, is due to be released for iPad by the end of the month. The app is currently pending approval from Apple and more details will be posted here shortly.

Version 1.3 released 24 September 2013

Version 1.3 adds the following four games to Solitaire Whizz, bringing the total up to 24:

Version 1.2 released 17 June 2013

Version 1.2 brings various enhancements to Solitaire Whizz, including:

Issues fixed in Version 1.1 (Released May 2013)

Latest update: 30 June 2017