Which solitaire games should I play?

The Solitaire Whizz compendium for iPad and macOS contains a whole host of different solitaire (patience) games. A frequent question for beginners is: which patience game should I play to start with?

As you get to know your way round the different games, you'll see that there are at least a couple of factors that differentiate the games:

If you are the kind of person that prefers a bit of strategy to pure luck, then you will probably prefer the 'building' style games.

Bearing this in mind, some good choices to start off with are:

Interested in a bit of history? Trace the history of Free Cell!

Both the iPad and macOS versions of Solitaire Whizz contain versions of forerunners to the now infamous Free Cell version (as well as some different variants of Free Cell itself). Check out:

Games not recommended for beginners

The games Beleaguered Castle and variant Streets and Alleys are only recommended for experienced patience players: they are in reality rather difficult and may be off-putting for beginners!

Similarly, the two variants of Calculation are also rather difficult. They provide an interesting challenge as something different for experienced players, but are atypical of solitaire games in general and also likely to put off beginners.