How to play: Spider

Spider is one of the more difficult solitaire games. Played with 2 decks of cards, it is also one of the longer games. To successfully complete the game requires significant strategy compared to various other common games.

N.B. Spider is one of the new games introduced in Version 1.2 of Solitaire Whizz. If you don't find Spider in the menu then go to the 'Updates' tab of the App Store on your device to get your free update.


As mentioned, Spider solitaire is played with two full decks of cards shuffled together (104 cards in total). But initially, only 54 of these are dealt out to form the tableau. They are laid out in 10 piles, with six cards in the first four piles and five in the remaining piles, as shown in the following screenshot:

Spider solitaire layout (Solitaire Whizz for iPad)

Spider solitaire tableau layout in Solitaire Whizz for iPad

As shown in the screenshot, the final card of each column is dealt face up.


The aim is to build suit sequences of cards, descending in order from K to A, directly on the tableau. As two packs of cards are used, a total of 8 such sequences will need to be built in order to win the game.


The face up cards on the bottoms of columns are available for play. Cards can be played on to the bottom of another card irrespective of suit, providing that they are built in descending order. However, building in suit is generally recommended where possible.

As in Klondike and various other games, any card left with no other card overlapping it is turned face up and becomes available for play.

Whole sequences of cards may be moved, provided that they are in descending sequence and of the same suit.

Blank columns may be filled with any card or in-suit sequence.


In Spider solitaire, there are a total of 5 redeals which you can use once you have run out of moves. Tapping the redeal button will deal 1 card from the reserve on to the foot of each column (hence, 10 cards per redeal).

Discarding sequences

Once a full, in-suit sequence is formed, going from K down to A, the sequence is automatically discarded. Therefore, if you manage to complete the game, you will clear the entire tableau. (In reality, Spider solitaire is a rather difficult game and a more realistic aim is to try to beat your previous percentage.)