How to play: Spiderette solitaire

Spiderette solitaire is a cut-down version of Spider solitaire. It is essentially played with the rules of Spider solitaire but with a single deck of cards.

N.B. Spiderette is one of the new games introduced in Version 1.3 of the Solitaire Whizz Compendium. If you don't find Spider in the menu then go to the 'Updates' tab of the App Store on your device to get your free update.


Once the deck is shuffled, a "triangle" of 28 cards is dealt in a similar way to games such as Klondike. As in the latter game, the card at the foot of each column is turned face up. This results in a layout as shown below:

Spiderette solitaire layout (Solitaire Whizz for iPad)

Spiderette solitaire tableau layout in Solitaire Whizz for iPad


Gameplay is essentially as for the rules of Spider solitaire. In Spiderette solitaire, you are allowed a total of four "redeals", in which a card is dealt on to the foot of each column. (In the last redeal, there will be a card on to just each of the first three columns.)