How to play Baker's Dozen (Solitaire)

The solitaire game Baker's Dozen has some similarities with Simple Simon: it is a building game where all cards are visible at the start of the game.


All cards of a standard 52-card deck are dealt out into 13 columns (hence the name!) of 4 cards each, as shown below. However, a special rule is applied: whenever a King is dealt to a column, it is placed underneath all other cards in the column. Otherwise, the layout is random.

Baker's Dozen solitaire layout (Solitaire Whizz for iPad)

Baker's Dozen layout in Solitaire Whizz for iPad

As in many Klondike-like games, there are four foundation piles, initially empty, at the top of the layout.


The exposed card at the foot of each column is available for play. Cards are built on to the foundation piles in ascending order starting with the Aces, would pile per suit. Cards are built on to other columns one card at a time in descending sequence, regardless of suit.

Unlike other building games, empty spaces are not filled in Baker's Dozen.