How to play: Osmosis solitaire

Osmosis solitaire is an interesting game whose gameplay is different from many other solitaire games.

Layout for Osmosis (Solitaire Whizz for iPad)

Figure 1: Osmosis game layout in Solitaire Whizz for iPad


The game is played with a single standard, shuffled deck. Four reserve rows are dealt, consisting of four cards each. These reserve rows are dealt face down, except for the fourth card in each row which is dealt face up.

Four foundation rows will be built up to the right of the reserve cards. Initially, just the first foundation is started with one random card. In the example (see Figure 1), this card was the Jack of Spades.

To the left of the layout, the remaining cards are placed in a stock pile. A waste pile will be formed above the stock pile as the cards are gone through.


The aim of the game is to play all cards on to the foundations, one foundation per suit.


The face-up cards on top of the reserve rows are available for play at any time. The top card of the stock pile and waste pile are also available for play. The top card from the stock pile can always be placed on to the waste to reveal the next card in the stock.

Available cards from the stock, waste or reserves can be played one by one on to the foundations, obeying some special rules:

Whenever a card is played from the end of a reserve row, the face-down card underneath it is then turned face up and is available for play.


In the version of Osmosis included with the Solitaire Whizz Compendium, you may re-deal with waste pile as many times as you wish. The cards on the waste pile are taken up, shuffled, and placed back on the stock pile ready to play through again.

Game end

You win the game if you get all 52 cards on to the foundations. You lose if you reach a point where no more moves are available, even with re-deals.